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Three beaches have been recommended in Ayrshire for 2006, the most ever for the Firth of Clyde, and Ettrick Bay on the Isle of Bute, which has had many problems, finally passed minimum European standards for the first time, although there is still a way to go until listing in the Guide. Groundbreaking measures by SEPA to improve bathing water quality, such as working with farmers on the Four-Point Plan to reduce diffuse sewage pollution, are slowly yielding dividends.

Failures were down two, from 14 to 12, which although still high by UK standards, is a move in the right direction. After a big jump in bathing water quality two years ago, 50 beaches (43%) have been recommended for the second year running in the 2006 Guide, slightly down from the record high of 53 in 2004. Visit Scotland has recognised these trends, supporting word-class events like the Tiree Wave Classic and initiatives like the Marine Conservation Society’s Good Beach Guide in 2005.

Evidently, whether bathing, surfing or windsurfing, growing numbers of people not only like to be beside the seaside, but also in the sea! Surf shops and schools that are springing up from Coldingham to Campbeltown, Thurso to Stornoway stand as testimony. A subsequent poll even reported that a third of Scots would go into the sea during a visit to the beach. Once upon a time, so it was said, the sea around Scotland was ‘too cold to swim in’.

Aerial surveys commissioned by the Scottish Executive dispelled this myth, proving that an impressive one in ten people visiting our beaches during the summer in 2003 went in the sea. Scotland has already seen a consistent, annual improvement in the quality of coastal waters, mostly due to upgrading of sewerage works, but there is always room for improvement. One successful project was in Nigg Bay where salt marsh and mudflats were re-established providing supporting habitats for many species of birds. SEPA is looking for opportunities to re-create coastal habitats that may compliment sustainable soft engineering.

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The offices total 1, 350 sq m (1 4,500 sq ft) and the agreed rent is £1 83 per sq m (£1 7 per sq ft) Gordon Wood said The offices at Screen Two are ideally suited for the expansion of IBS, in view of the proximity to their previous offices at Elstree Way, Borehamwood. The landlords, Thorn Lighting Group were advised by Healey & Baker. Centros Miller and Delancey have agreed the forward funding of a mixed-use regeneration project in Islington, following the confirmation of the compulsory purchase order for the site assembly which has resulted in a confirmed construction start on site in the New Year.

We are delighted to have secured this important mixed-use urban project. They will accommodate you free admonishment immediately and later on the off chance that you decide to contract them, they will charge you the costs. Regardless, it is continually sensible to get capable advice before delighting into anything. You can see that enrolling yourself a Conveyancing expert will make your life less difficult. It will save you from all the trouble of property overseeing.

A little warm air blows out,” as store employees arrive for work, Cropenbaker said. Best Buy set up free coffee and doughnuts for the crowd. Shopping on the day after Thanksgiving is a mix of economics, tradition and strategy. Retailers say it’s one of the biggest shopping days of the year, and UK gilts accounted for 29% and UK equities 23% Though strong, industrial performance continues to be yield driven.

At KB Toys in Florence Mall, the line started around 3 a.m. “I come because I have 25 grandchildren and 10 children,” said Elsie Kramer of Taylor Mill, Ky. KB Toys opened at 5 a.m. with early-bird specials that make it worth the wait. “Last year I saved close to $300,” said Leann Pegg of Piner, Ky. “I heard about people doing this for years, but I didn’t think it was that great a deal. I didn’t think it was worth the crowd. But it’s definitely worth it,” she said. “I’ve been doing this for about five years now.

The whole method of Conveyancing can be especially great and convoluting and in case you have to assemble the weight you can choose not enrolling a Conveyancing master. Utilizing an expert authority will save you from all the burdens and you won’t end up being a loss of fake purchases. Doing things in solitude can be greatly unsafe and you should avoid it.

Once you start, you can’t stop. It’s a tradition.” Tonya Toll of Florence wore red reindeer antlers and wrapped up in a blanket as she waited for Florence Mall to open its doors at 3:45 to let the KB Toys crowd wait inside. She brought her nieces Kylie and Rachelle Blaine of Florence. “We just stayed up all night,” Kylie said.They planned to shop until noon, and Toll had the route mapped out. “KB toys opens at 5, Best Buy at 6, Toys `R Us at 7 and Value City at 8.” Toll said. “Then we head back to the mall.”

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These are extremely limited opportunities to secure this quality of investment – particularly in the heart of London Unit Trusts and Property Unit Trusts were net disinvestors, with sales outweighing purchases by £268 million Net investment in UK Property accounted for 5.5% of total net investment of £19.8 billion. Teesland Group plc has forward sold its major office development in Leeds to German open ended fund Credit Suisse Asset Management GmbH, advised by CB Hillier Parker and Mueller International.

forms an integral part of the prime office core in Leeds will provide 9,612 sq m (110,000 sq ft) on eight floors with 171 parking spaces will provide 9,612 sq m (110,000 sq ft) on eight floors with 171 parking spaces one of the UK’s ten largest law firms on a 25-year FRI lease at a rental of £1.55 million per annum, with five yearly reviews and a tenant break after year 20. This reflects a level of £20 per sq ft Construction started in August 1998 and is on course for practical completion on 29 October 1999. We were eager to set out on our new life together, all things considered didn’t see the majority of the intricacies – particularly when it went to the law in Australia.

Vail Williams are to consolidate their position as the largest independent firm of commercial property consultants in central southern England by opening a new regional office serving the Thames Valleys lan Rudland. Vail Williams’ chief executive said Vail Williams are taking the 437 sq m (4,700 sq ft) air conditioned building at £279.87 per sq m (£26 per sq ft) and have agreed a new 15 year lease the global property federation, for a second time. His re-election is without precedent in the organisation’s history Hartnell will also oversee the high profile World Congress of FIABCI, due to be held in London, in May.

From the beginning, we scoffed at the thought of contracting a conveyancing Brisbane specialist – when it’s all said and done, it implied spending more cash. In the wake of talking it over with loved ones, however, we concluded that it would be the best game plan. As it happened, we are excited that we did and would prescribe conveyancing specialists Brisbane to completely any individual who is purchasing another home.

UK building services consulting engineers, Wallace Whittle & Partners, have bought offices at 166 Great Western Road, in Aberdeen’s city centre, for £141,000 Aberdeen-based Chartered Surveyors, F.G. Burnett, acted on behalf of Clydesdale Bank, part of the National Australia Group Europe, to sell the 2,158 sq ft property F.G. Burnett Partner, Richard Noble, said: Wallace Whittle & Partners have rented offices in Aberdeen for 20 years Wallace Whittle & Partners have been trading in Aberdeen for 20 years and now employ 20 people in their city centre offices. They previously rented properties in Carden Place and Queens Terrace In particular.